Moving on 

It is so comforting to realise that you can be broken while becoming whole, hurting while moving towards healing, being sad while learning to be happy, suffering and still being able to love and hope and live and be alive! Oh what a joy to know that you are in this moment right now but that you will move past it.  


This side of my skin

This side of my skin 

Is where I begin

And it’s porcelain glow 

Reflects my own soul 

This side of my skin

The same I’ve been in

For far too long

To believe I don’t belong

This side of my skin

Fears have moved in

Full of faces of ghosts 

Which I once was 

This side of my skin

That’s hidden within

I’ll bury it deep 

And just let it sleep

This side of my skin

Is only a dream

With the dawn it will go

And I will be whole 

This side of my skin

Is only where I begin 

But in time I will grow

Let this dead skin go…