I am a woman-a poem

I am a woman,

And I know I’m not

Just the sum of my parts,

But that I am my mind,

My heart and my soul,

And my beautiful body

That I’m still learning to love.

I am a woman,

And I don’t want to be

Bothered about the gap

Between my thighs,

Or the fact that I

Can’t fit into a size

Six anymore, even though

I’m no longer a girl,

I am a woman!

I am a woman,

And I don’t want

To be twenty five

And wonder why

Nobody’s asked me

To be their wife.

I am a woman,

And I know I am not

More or less or good enough,

I am me.

I am whoever I want to be,

I am a collection of poetry,

I am an anthology

Of the world around me.

I am a woman,

And I am not a man,

And I don’t want to be

Because this is not

What the fight is about.

It’s about the broken beauty

Inside of all of us;

It’s the celebration of difference

And the acceptance of the fact

That you are and I am not,

That I am what you forgot

You needed-because it’s not

Good for man to be alone.

I am a woman!

*Photo credit to my wonderful friend Karina! You can find more of her beautiful work on her instragram @whatkarinasaw